The violence of armed actors and the propaganda of the media intensify against our community and against the autonomous action of our Indigenous Guard.  Yesterday the military murdered in cold blood our companion Fabián Cuetia in Caldono and they took down our webpage (at to keep the country from knowing the truth.

Once again the official voice of the regime echoes the infamies of the public forces.  This morning the headline on the mainpage of El Espectador read: “According to Colonel Piraquive in the vereda El Rosario, Siberia, part of the municipality of Caldono, a sentinel made a call to Fabián Cuetia, supposedly to avoid an attack from the mobile force of Jacobo Arenas, but it looks like this person did not understand and opened fire which caused the death of the campesino.” ( This fact that is the true crime remains in the dark, while the mass media have represented autonomous reaction of the community to demand justice against the killers as an act of kidnapping, aggression, and terrorism.
As they did with the actions of the pacific withdrawing of the public force in Cerro Berlín, Toribío.  The mass media promoted the hatred and racism against our Indigenous Guard saying that we are savages and terrorists.  The imagen of the humiliated crying sergeant removed the ignorant from reality in rejection of the exercise of autonomy of the Nasa community.  How is it possible that they get angry because we pushed out the military from our territory, and they don´t protest when they murder, massacre, rape and flood with violence our country in defense of the regime.  We have come centuries crying for our pain and humiliation of greed in our territories.  (
Through the mass media they accuse us of being guerrillas and they only give extensive and manipulated publication of the removal of the public force, but they hardly inform of our actions to also remove the guerrillas.  Please search for this information, as there is sufficient, as we have been coherent with our word and we are taking out all armed people in our house.  We are rising up in struggle, and we continue to dismantle the checkpoints of the guerrillas, as we did last week in El Tierrero.
Please, brothers and sisters coopted by the media propaganda, do not conform to the criminal fragments of information of the mass media.  Visit our webpage ( and other alternative media to get closer to the reality, as thousands did yesterday, to read, feel, and listen to our word.  To see directly the reality, to see what the mass media did not show, because they are at the service of war and their interest is to disinform.  For that reason they insist on collapsing and taking off the internet our webpage, so that no one can express themselves in favor of the truth.
Our actions continue showing to the world that the communities are doing all posible to take out the public forcé from our territory, just as well with the FARC guerrillas.  For example, yesterday in Toribío, several guerrillas who had intented to launch a homemade bomb were detained by the community.  They are currently under the responsibility of the indigenous authority which has constitutional competence for this process.  The governor Marcos Yule assured that the captured guerrillas will be submitted to indigenous justice and for now they will remain in their charge.  To the question of why the four men would not be turned in to the authorities, the governor Yule responded: “For what, if they are not themselves capable of capturing them.”  This new autonomous action against the war is one more showing of the firm decision to demilitarize our territory of all armed groups, from wherever they are.
The men of war need weapons to feel like men and to make themselves respect force.  Also they do everything possible to silence the voice of the truth and to disappear arguments.  Our Indigenous Guard won legitimacy and respect because they are moved by the political conscience of social transformation to defend our territory autonomously.  We do not need to silence anyone, only to walk our word in civil resistance to defend Mother Earth.  In response to our request of demilitarization to stop the armed conflict in Cauca, the response has been more war.  Now the order of the government is to create “The Aggregate Command of the Southwest” made of about 5 million men of the army, air force y armada ( According to them this command is a way to control the crisis of public order in Cauca.  At the same time, the FARC is also augmenting their arms in our territory.  Since more than a week ago many guerrillas begn to arrive, they say that they are using neither the armband nor boots that distinguish them as guerrillas.  They began to intensify their checkpoints in the zone trying to control the entrance and exit of vehicles in Toribío.
“I don´t want to see a single indigenous person in the military bases.”  That is the order since last night given by Santos from his Twitter account.  To him we said that we did not want to see a single transnational corporation in our territory nor a single armed actor.  The guerrillas and the militants of the FARC say that they are defending the community.  Could it be that their violent actions are not serving the regime as a pretext to massacre the community?  We also demand that they respect our autonomy and that they allow us to exercise territorial control in our house.  That they stop involving our children and youth in war.  That they not lie to us and that they not continue to take advantage of innocent people.  The police and the soldiers justify themselves saying that they are heroes and they are defending the homeland.  Might they know what is the homeland and whom they are in reality defending with their lives?
Our indigenous companion Hugo Blanco, historic fighter from Peru, sent a letter to the soldiers that in Cajamarca they were sent to repress the community that struggles against a transnational mining company in Celendin, where they explain what really is the homeland.  We assume and we feel the sentiment of this message from Peru as our own word and for that reason we say this to those who ar armed, brother police, brother soldier, brother guerrilla:
Homeland “is the green valleys of Cajamarca, the mountains of Colombia, the mountaintops of El Wallmapu, Our Mama Kiwe (Mother Earth), the campesinos, indigenous people, African people, mestizos born in these fertile lands in which we work, it is the green plants wild and cultivated, it is the animals wild and domestic that live from the nutritive vegetation.  Homeland is also the children that need to drink water that is clean, not contaminated.”
“Homeland is the beautiful laggons that adorn the peaks of our mountains.  Homeland are the ponds and marshes that feed subterraneously our beautiful and nutritive streams that sprout from different heights offering their water to children, women and men of the rich valleys.  The homeland is the clean rivers that are nourished by clean water offered subterraneously by the same ponds and marshes of the summits.  The homeland is the fish that live in those rivers.”
We invite you to abandon the violence and to walk with the colombian community to defend our homeland from the economic model of global aggression that uses war to abandon us and uses all of us to destroy ourselves.
Our calling is to resist civilly and to fight for a homeland that is being destroyed by the ambition and greed of a few that only know how to accumulate.  We invite them to unite with the resistance of our Nasa community that fights and rises up with dignity.
We call upon all Colombians, students, professors, unions, social organizations, popular processes of the country and the world, that they revive their struggles with ours in word and action.  Remember that the actions of our community are not only for ourselves, the struggle for the dignified life and the resepct for Mother Earth relates to all of Colombia.  We call on your voices, you footsteps, your infinite creativity to not only spread and share out initiatives, rather to carry out actions in the universities, the streets of the cities and the towns of the entire country, and to display all of your capacity and will to replicate this legitimate struggle that is not only for Cauca but for everyone.
Tejido de Comunicación – ACIN
Traducido por: Autumn Zellers